Personal Account Needed to Get a Loan or Payday

One of the requirements without which you can not get a loan online is to have a personal account at any bank. A summay is on

To obtain a cash loan via the Internet or payday loans it is necessary to have a personal account in the bank. We will need such an account not only to obtain the cash (ie transfer from the lender’s account to the borrower’s account), but also to verify the account holder’s data. In a nutshell – such data must match the data we provided in the loan application or loan.

Personal Account Needed

Personal Account Needed

But what if we do not have a personal account yet and in order to obtain a loan we would like to create such an account? What if we do not want the impact of the payday debit to be visible in the account for which we are paid? Nothing difficult – without major obstacles, we can set up an additional account to get a payday, and for that completely free. Such an account, under which we will not be charged any fees for maintaining the account. We will also not have to meet any additional requirements to keep the remaining account free. Such as setting up an additional payment card to your account or providing a monthly income to your account.

In the case of accounts that I present today, we do not have to meet any additional requirements. If you have already opened an account, this account will be free of charge and we will not pay any monthly fees.

Most popular personal account among Internet users

Let me start with the account that I own and is probably the most popular personal account among Internet users, namely from the popular Emprotess, available at mBank. This account has been free for over a dozen years since it is available and it is still today. We do not pay for both its establishment and we do not pay for account maintenance. We can set up an account in two ways, so after submitting an application to open an account, we transfer a verification fee (PLN 1) from another account we have. If we do not have a contract to open an account, we will be sent via courier to our address.

A great convenience for Emprotess is its mobility because we can have access to it from a computer or a laptop. But not only because of the popular devices such as tablet or smartphone that are very popular today. Thanks to a special application, using the account on these devices is very easy and easy.

As part of the mobile e-account, we can count on free opening and maintaining an account, free execution of external and internal transfers (between accounts in the same bank). Payments from ATMs will also be free of charge, provided that we will pay the money at Europay, or Earth Cash ATMs.

However, in order to withdraw money in cash, we will need a debit card for that. We can also have it without monthly fees, however, the condition here is to make at least 200 PLN per month using the transaction card. If this condition is not met, the monthly fee for using the card will amount to PLN 4, so not so much, all the more that it would be the only cost we will incur for using the account.

However, it turns out that it can be even cheaper and if we need a really free account, which will be used to obtain an internet loan, then such an account can be found in the Smart Bank offer. This is a relatively new offer because it has been available for several or several months. It is characterized mainly that the account is actually available completely free.

When opening an account at Bank Globe, we will not pay either for account maintenance, nor will we pay for issuing a payment card to the account or any monthly fees for using it. We will also be able to send free transfers and withdraw funds from ATMs in Poland and abroad without any commission. Interestingly, there are no hooks or additional requirements to keep this account free. So if you need an account with an account card and you do not want to pay any fees for its maintenance, there is probably no better option than this account.

As if this was not enough, as part of this account, immediately after its establishment, we can apply for a limit in the account up to PLN 3,900. This limit is activated in the form of a revolving loan and to receive it depends on a positive assessment of the creditworthiness of the account holder.

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