Instant delivery with transfer of 1 usd| bank account verification

Consumers using offers of non-bank entities are counting on granting a quick loan. This is especially important when getting money in the short term is a priority. However, apart from time, the safety of transactions is also an important priority. Verification of the borrower’s bank account is related to these two important areas.

Instant payment with transfer of 1 gro – what is the purpose of verification?

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Verifying the borrower’s bank account is an essential element of the online money lending process. It doesn’t matter if we take into account payday loans granted online or available in stationary branches. If we want the funds to be transferred to our bank account, the lender will have to verify them. What exactly is this verification and what is it carried out for?

Verification of a bank account serves to confirm the identity of the person applying for a non-bank loan. When applying for funds, the borrower provides his personal data, which of course is consistent with the facts. The same data should appear on the identity document. The second stage of verification is to check whether the bank account given belongs to the same person who applied for funds. The loan is granted only to the person who applies for it. Therefore, the bank account number to which the funds will be transferred must be assigned to her.

The purpose of this is quite obvious, although maybe not everyone is aware of it. Particular importance should be given to identity and account verification if we apply for a non-bank loan online. A verification transfer primarily excludes phishing. This is just as important for lenders as for borrowers. Two-stage identity verification prevents impersonation and incurring obligations.

Payday loans with verification transfer

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Therefore, the verification transfer is an important element of confirming the borrower’s identity. This process begins at the stage of filling out the application form. This is where we provide your personal data and necessary ID numbers. After sending it, it is time to verify your bank account, to which the lender will transfer the funds.

The loan company’s invoice number to which the verification transfer is to be made is usually sent by email. We also enter our current email address in the application form. It is very important that the electronic mail account provided is active. Then we will avoid communication complications and the process will run correctly and quickly.

The amount of the verification transfer is usually one penny – this is the case with Intratki. Other entities may set its amount at usd 1. As we have noted, these are symbolic amounts. They are usually returned to the borrower’s account. At this point, you need to pay attention to a very important thing.

The amounts of verification transfers are not high. If the entity from which you want to borrow money demands higher amounts – e.g. several dozen zlotys – be vigilant. Most often it is just a phishing scam and the loan we are applying for will not be finally on our account. In this case, it is best to check the company’s credibility in the Register of Loan Institutions, which is kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Instant delivery without a bank transfer

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Verification transfer is not the only method to confirm the identity of the account owner. Loan companies also provide their clients with other tools that can be used to easily go through this process. One of these tools are applications or rather verification systems. These are well-known fin-tech solutions on the market that allow lenders and borrowers to carry out transactions even faster and safer.

Daserals belongs to such tools. It is worth emphasizing that this is a Polish system that is also used in other European countries, and even in Asia or both Americas. The application, after logging in to our bank account, reads the necessary data. Importantly, this data is sent to the recipient – the lender – but is not stored. It is also a completely secure application. It is optimized only for the functions it has to perform. Many financial institutions that use it have trusted it.