Credit without Proof of Income – Where Is This Possible?


At first glance, a loan without proof of income is an attractive option for getting money easily. Especially for certain groups of people, such as students or the self-employed, ordinary lending often involves some difficulties. There seems to be a loan that does not ask you many questions, but that’s just the thing. But are there really any vendors who lend that kind of credit , or are they just black sheep? We have answered this question for you and have put together the most important information on the subject compactly.

Often there are alternatives to traditional credit

 Often there are alternatives to traditional credit

Banks tend to be skeptical about students, freelancers or the self-employed in the regular loan offerings. Although these groups are not unemployed, they are usually unable to provide reliable information about their income. Especially students face such problems when they are not doing a well-paid part-time job. But even with self-employed and freelancers, the financial situation is not always planning to be sure, which is why banks are rather cautious in lending.

Nevertheless, there are offers that are tailored to these target groups. In addition to the BAföG, there are special student loans from banks, which can be used during the studies. Freelancers and the self-employed can receive ordinary loans under certain conditions. In this case, however, there should be sufficient collateral and the activity should last for at least three years and generate regular income.

Larger loan amounts without proof of income received

If you want to get a loan beyond the 1,000 euros, you will be faced with major obstacles without proof of income. At your house bank, the chances for you alone are zero. Evidence of regular employee earnings is one of the most important collateral for banks in terms of lending. Therefore, you need at least one guarantor along with other collateral such as assets, investments or similar. It should have the ability to pay so that your bank can consider awarding you a loan.

Another option for a credit without income proof is P2P portals, such as auxmoney or smava. Here you can obtain loans from private investors who theoretically do not need to know your exact income. In this case, you should justify your credit concerns well and present comprehensible to the lenders. Because with these lies the decision whether you are granted a loan despite missing proof of income. In addition, platforms that offer personal loans incur an agency fee.

 auxmoney 1.000 – 50.000 € for 1 – 84 months from eff. Annual interest rate of 4.02% To the provider

Borrow 1,000 – 50,000 euros
Request for free & without obligation
very fast loan approval


The express option costs

Information acc. §6a PAngV: The displayed credit conditions are credit-dependent. Minimum information: Net loan amounts: 1.000 – 25.000 Euro Eff. Annual interest pa: 4.02% – 19.90% Debit interest rate pa pa: 3.95% – 16.90% Duration: 1 – 84 months Agency fee: 2.95% Representative example: Net loan amount: 9,800 euros Duration: 48 months Eff. Annual interest pa: 17.05% Debit interest rate pa pa: 13.90%

Note that a credit without income proof is not on the same level as a debt-free loan. An examination of your Schufa data is always carried out when lending in Germany and is a fundamental indicator for the lenders to assess your credit rating.

Borrow smaller loans

For smaller financial bottlenecks you can resort to mini loan providers. First of all, these loans should only be used for bridging purposes and not for the purchase of consumer goods. The provider Xpresscredit you receive short-term loans with up to 600 euros payout for new customers. Existing customers receive even more. You do not need to submit proof of income , as the overall risk to the lender is very manageable. Of the additional services offered, such as express transfers or installment options, we advise against. These do not offer a very good cost-benefit ratio and make the loan very expensive.




The Xpress service
Within 24 hours, the money is in your account. Prerequisite: The application was completed on a working day until 12 o’clock.

The express option costs 29 – 299 €

Representative example: With a net loan amount of € 100 and a term of 30 days, an annual percentage rate of 10.36% pa will incur a credit charge of € 0.85. Processing fee: 0.00%, debit interest pa: 10.36%

If you want to have a smaller cash reserve available on a regular basis, Cashpresso could be of interest to you. Here you receive a frame loan over a maximum of 1,500 euros. The special feature is that in most cases no proof of income is required in the award. According to providers, these are only randomly requested by some applicants. At Cashpresso, your earnings are assessed by means of an electronic account analysis as part of a fully digital loan transaction. You do not need to submit copies of your salary statements.

In 10 from registration to payment. Prerequisite: You have completed the free account opening on weekdays.

The express option costs 0 €

Representative example: € 1,000.00 payout amount, 14.99% eff. Annual interest rate, 13.99% variable debit interest pa, monthly installment € 100,00, total amount € 1,054.80, term 11 months

What else should you consider for a loan without proof of income

 What else should you consider for a loan without proof of income

Be aware that reputable lenders never lend without collateral . An assurance of your creditworthiness is even set by law. Proof of income is the most common and reliable method by which a bank obtains the necessary security. If this request is not made to you, it is likely that at least one poll of your Schufa file will occur.

Do not fall for dubious offers that offer you loans without any proof . Before you borrow money on the Internet, check a vendor’s heart and soul. If you are asked to pay advances or take out insurance to cover a lack of proof of income, you should be quick to stay away from such providers.